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UPDATE - Improved Fe I line data in VALD

Recently, new line data for Fe I has become available (Kurucz, 2014). These data are based on observed (measured) and predicted (calculated) energy levels, and are a significant improvement over earlier line data (Kurucz, 2007). Line data from these new linelist are now available in VALD through lists 721 (measured transitions) and 3621 (predicted transitions).

As of today the new line data will be offered by default.

If you want to go back to using the older data from 2007, you can do this by reenabling the older lists in your personalized linelist configuration. In that case you should disable list 721, and reenable list 720.

Note that your personalized linelist configuration will only be used if you explicitly select this during extraction (select 'custom' under 'linelist configuration').