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Hyperfine Structure splitting is now in VALD3

From now on VALD3 has the option to include the HFS splitting into the extraction result. The new option is supported by the Web interface (look for HFS splitting button) or via new extraction option "HFS splitting" to be included into the EMS request. The splitting constants and the corresponding bibliography were collected by Yuri Pakhomov and presented in Pakhomov, Ryabchikova and Piskunov, 2019, Astronomy Reports, 63, 1010.

The output stream is sorted in wavelengths so that the HFS components may appear interleaved by other transitions. At this point we fully support the following extraction modes: Extract All, Extract Element and Extract Stellar. Showline will follow in a few days.

We have decided to start with HFS splitting as an option. Once we get your feedback and check that things are working fine (even though we spent several months testing this option) we will add HFS splitting to default extraction. Then, to turn HFS splitting off you would have to uncheck the corresponding box in the Web interface or specify "no HFS splitting" in the EMS request.