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VALD3 at first release

VALD3 has now left the testing stage, and we are releasing this service to the community with full functionality. VALD3 can now be used by any user that already had access to VALD2

At this moment we feel confident that the service is stable, and that it works to expectations. Compared to VALD2, there are several updated features:

  • More and extended line lists, including lists with molecular transitions (TiO, MgH, CN, CO, C2, OH and more). See the online documentation for more details.
  • A new interactive extraction mode, showline-online, that will immediately list all data from VALD3 available in a certain wavelength interval and species.
  • Completely overhauled routines throughout the entire interface.
  • Possibilities for users to set their own default units for data extraction.
  • Full bibliography of the extracted data in BibTeX format.
  • Automatic synchronization across all available sites.
While we have taken every effort to make this new release as enjoyable as possible, we welcome any comment, such as missing data, problems with the software, or suggestions of new features. Please leave your comments to the VALD administrator through our contact page.